How to teach poetry

Here are links to several articles of mine about how to inspire children with poetry. It’s not difficult, so don’t be worried, but it does amount to more than grabbing a copy of The Works ten minutes before a lesson! I’ve nothing against The Works – it does contain some wonderful poetry – but there is plenty more out there, much of it really exciting for children.

Your first poetry lesson with a new class. How to get the children writing poetry.
Questions to ask children about a poem
Revise five key poetic devices – like this
Poems I have successfully tried with a class
Question cards for poetry lessons – can be used with any poem. Print them out, hand them out, collect them back and use again!
How to start a poetry lesson
25 things to do with a poem – loads of ideas, and none of them involve worksheets!
An example lesson of getting children to write poems
Five simple rules for writing a poem. You can print these out and put them up in the classroom.
How to get your class to perform a poem.
Inspiring quotes about poetry. Slap one on the start of your Powerpoint, or print them about and put them on your walls!


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